Mr. Daniel Haudenschild

Mr. Haudenschild is currently the CEO of Swisscom Blockchain Ltd.. Before taking this role, he was the Financial Services Advisory Partner of Ernst&Young and the Global Director of SAP Financial Services/Banking at HCL-Axon.

Swisscom Blockchain offers their customers everything they need for a quick and successful implementation of blockchain solutions. They assist their clients at every stage, from helping them identify a strategic road map, the technology choices and their impact, through deployment and hosting, as well as the associates process changes.

The advisory services of Swisscom Blockchain help their enterprise customers identify opportunities to generate value with blockchain and proceed to develop and deploy the best solutions accordingly.

Swisscom Blockchain support their customers in setting up and reviewing their business case and take over the planning and organization of their ICO so that they can benefit from a professional support right from the start and get the maximum out of their business case. Swisscom Blockchain offers from thought to finish infrastructure to launch, including investor story, and token economics, KYC and regulatory compliance.

Swisscom is the largest hosting company for IT infrastructures in Switzerland across industries. From a development and POC to a high secure blockchain environment, people will find the right offer to get started in no time supported by Swisscom experts in infrastructure topics.



Mr. Haudenschild is giving his speech on the Forum