Dr. Zhongliang Ren, Senior Researcher at CERN

Dr. Zhongliang Ren is an experimental nuclear and particle physicist. He has obtained his PhD degree on particle physics from Heidelberg University(1995). Dr. Zhongliang Ren is a research fellow and has been performing frontier research on experimental nuclear and particle physics at CERN, Geneva Since 1988 consecutively, with L3 experiment on the large electron positron(LEP) collider, with WA89 the hyperon beam experiment on the super proton synchrotron(SPS) accelerator, with AMS (Antimatter Magnetic Spectrometer) on the International Space Station, and most recently with ATLAS experiment on the Large Hadron Collider(LHC). Independently or in collaboration with his colleagues, he has discovered several new particles and physics phenomena including the Higgs boson. He has published several hundred physics articles and reports.


Dr. Zhongliang Ren on the Forum Speech Stage