The Forum is organised by the DuPEAK Committee and supported by various partners.

The Swiss DuPEAK Forum, as a world-class summit steered and attended by top scientists and top entrepreneurs worldwide, is dedicated to the combination and integration of science and industry. It focuses on topics concerning, among others, the priorities and orientation of scientific and technological developments, the modern industry demands and the current market trends. It bridges the gap between scientific research and industrial applications by presenting up-to-date research achievements facilitating their commercialization and industrialization. 

The Forum aims to enhance the cooperaion and coordination between China and Europe particularly for promoting innovation in high-technology areas. It is establishing a platform for professional networking, interdiscinplinary exchange and mutual inspiration, in order to provide opportunities for excellent junior researchers and start-up pioneers to communicate face-to-face with world-renowned scientists and entrepreneurs.

The overall topic of the Swiss DuPEAK Forum 2017 is "The Driving Forces to Promote Industrialization of Research Achievement".


Richard, Zhi WANG - Founder of the Swiss DuPEAK Forum is introducing the goal of the Forum. 

Richard is currently the Executive Vice President of Swiss Chinese Enterprises. Since many years, he supports Swiss government to understand Chinese investors, and helps Chinese investors in Switzerland for a better understanding of local regulation and business environment, builds up trust and to strengthen the relationship between both sides.

Dr. LiSha ZHA - Co-Founder of Swiss DuPEAK Forum is giving the Opening Speech. She is also the Moderator of the whole Forum. Dr. ZHA is the Research Fellow in Inselspital Bern and the CEO of Affinibody AG.